Heating systems every apartment

Flue gas-air system (DSVG) It can be installed in new construction, and when major repairs or reconstruction of houses, when they should be transferred to independent heating. For the installation of the flue system needs only two conditions – the presence of the base and the aligned holes in the floor decks, on 50 mm larger dimensions chimney system.

Inner tube (collective chimney) DSPG is made of acid-proof stainless steel, insensitive to the action of the condensate, so that its operation is actually a term life of the buildings.

One of the most important conditions for the safe operation of the chimney – is the tightness. It provides a heat-resistant sealant, which is set in the grooves of each tube branded.

To one flue riser, mounted in a concrete pit, You can connect up to 10 heat generator with closed combustion chamber according to State Standard B V.2.5-33:2007. After carrying out aerodynamic calculations allowed to connect more 10 heat generators. Ltd. "Version-Lux" has to its credit 16-storey building, which uses the collective system of smoke. There are two variants of mounting the air-flue gas system